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The team at Hanson Chiropractic specializes in the treatment of auto and work injuries. Dr. Hanson is an approved US Injury Centers Chiropractor and has been treating work and auto related injuries for patients since 1998.

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Digital Orthotics

With Cutting Edge 3DO Technology provided by Digital Orthotics, we can now take extremely accurate 3 dimensional images of the foot, both while standing and walking, to determine exactly what type of biomechanical correction is needed.

Accurate reliable data captured in 3 simple steps in under 90 seconds…

Our 7-Point Assessment Report Looks at:

  • Weight Distribution
  • Areas of High Pressure
  • Body Balance
  • Mass Displacement
  • Phases of Gait
  • Gait Symmetry
  • Symmetry

According to the CDC, 85% of the US Population has biomechanical disease necessitating the utilization of a bio engineered medical grade orthotic.

Approximately 70% of the world’s population is diagnosed with an ailment called over-pronation, something that can be the culprit for severe consequences over the years.

Developed by a retired physician with 35 years’ experience in the development of biomechanical imaging systems and ergonomic treatment, 15 years of research has been put in to the design of Digital Orthotics.

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Deep Muscle Stimulator

The DMS provides deep muscle tissue stimulation with kinetic forms of percussion and concussion vibration, which in turn facilitates our patients with the benefits of:

  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced pain
  • Faster rehabilitation from injury
  • Increased lymphatic flow
  • Break up of muscular scar tissue
  • Reduced lactic acid build up
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Soft & Active tissue release
deep muscle

Range of Motion

P.R.O.O.F. Preferred ensures our patients have critical documentation about their case and health.

It creates reports that compare the patient’s range of motion with the published AMA guidelines clearly itemizing improvement and limitation on any test date during the treatment period. For documenting muscle weakness, the reports compare the patient’s left with right sides for each muscle.

The system prints out limitation at any time during the treatment period, thus clearly being able to document limitation or impairment and demonstrate improvement over time.


range of motion

Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction tables help facilitate muscle relaxation and reduce muscle spasms by mobilizing the spinal column at the same time as gently stretching ligaments and muscles. They also increase blood flow and oxygen to discs, ligaments and muscles, thereby improving balance, strength and mobility.


Oxygen Therapy

The oxygen concentrator draws in room air, separates the oxygen from other gases in the air and delivers the oxygen at high concentrations to our patients.

To ensure the comfort of our patients, a humidifier bottle is placed on the oxygen concentrator to help with humidification of the air.


Decompression Table

Decompression works by gently stretching the spine, taking pressure off the spinal discs, which are gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine. Over time, negative pressure from this therapy can cause bulging or herniated discs to retract, which takes pressure off the nerves and other structures in your spine. This in turn helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs so they can heal.



Power Plate

The Power Plate is used daily by people from all walks of life including professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, fitness enthusiasts and even moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.

Power Plate equipment features a platform that generates precise harmonic vibration at rates of 25-50 times per second, triggering rapid muscle responses which activate up to 95% of muscle fibers, compared to a 40% or less activation with traditional exercise.

This provides users a full body workout in less than 30 minutes utilizing all 5 elements of fitness—stretch, balance, core conditioning, strength training and massage.

Unlike traditional strength training that takes a long time and loads the body with mass, increasing the potential for injury, or cardio training that doesn’t build muscle and increases impact and stress on joints, Power Plate is a safe, medically-approved device. It improves strength, power, flexibility, circulation, bone density, balance, weight loss, cellulite reduction, hormonal balance and recovery, which all work together to help people look better, feel better and play better in less time.



Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM)

The SASTM method is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. This method enables clinicians to effectively locate and treat areas of soft tissue dysfunction through the use of an instrument, thus preventing overuse of their hands.

Instruments effectively break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. The ergonomic design of these instruments provides the clinician with the ability to locate restrictions through sound waves. This allows the clinician to locate and treat the affected area with the appropriate amount of pressure.


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