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Introduction to Car Accident Chiropractic Care at Hanson Chiropractic & Massage

Every year, countless individuals experience the jarring, often life-altering repercussions of car accidents. While the initial shock and trauma of a collision can be overwhelming, what many don’t realize is that the physical aftermath can persist long after the event. In the days and weeks following a car accident, it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience stiffness, soreness, and even debilitating pain.

At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we understand the physical and emotional strain that comes with auto injuries. Led by Dr. Mike Hanson, our clinic specializes in offering holistic chiropractic solutions tailored to address and alleviate the unique discomforts stemming from vehicular accidents. Our body has a remarkable ability to heal, but without proper alignment and care, complications can arise, prolonging pain and discomfort.

As your trusted car accident chiropractor, we’re here to guide you on your journey to recovery. Prioritizing your well-being, our mission is to ensure you regain your mobility, strength, and confidence, helping you get back to living life without the constraints of pain. Whether you’re experiencing subtle discomfort or more pronounced symptoms, early intervention and professional care are crucial. Dive deeper into our services and discover how we can assist in your healing journey.

Every car accident is unique, and so are the injuries sustained. Our specialization in car accident chiropractic rehabilitation ensures that we not only address the apparent injuries but also the underlying issues that may manifest later.

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Why Choose Hanson Chiropractic & Massage for Car Accident Recovery?

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be daunting. Amid the endless paperwork, insurance claims, and emotional distress, prioritizing your physical well-being is of utmost importance.

One significant aftermath of car accidents is the variety of injuries that can be sustained. From spinal misalignments to nerve compression, our tailored chiropractic solutions address each injury type with precision.

Here’s why Hanson Chiropractic & Massage stands out as your ideal partner in this journey:

Dr. Mike Hanson’s Expertise: With years of specialized training and hands-on experience, Dr. Mike Hanson is renowned for his adept skill in treating auto injuries. His comprehensive approach to spinal care ensures that underlying issues are addressed, promoting long-term healing and not just a temporary fix.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facility. Equipped with the latest chiropractic tools and technologies, we guarantee treatments that are efficient, effective, and tailored to your unique needs.

Holistic Care Philosophy: Beyond just addressing physical injuries, we believe in a holistic approach to well-being. By integrating chiropractic care with massage therapy, we aim to enhance overall healing, ensuring that both body and mind are nurtured.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Recognizing that each car accident injury is distinct, our treatments are never a one-size-fits-all. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Hanson crafts a personalized treatment plan, considering your unique injury pattern, pain points, and recovery goals.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

The physical impact of a car accident can manifest in numerous ways, both immediately and in the days, weeks, or even months that follow. Chiropractic care has been a trusted avenue for countless individuals seeking relief and recovery after such traumatic events. Let’s explore the crucial benefits of seeking chiropractic care at Hanson Chiropractic & Massage:

Alignment Restoration: The force from a car accident can misalign the spine, leading to chronic pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments aim to restore this alignment, optimizing the body’s natural healing processes and preventing long-term complications.

Pain Reduction: From whiplash to herniated discs, car accidents can result in various painful conditions. Regular chiropractic care provides natural pain relief by addressing the root cause of the pain rather than just masking symptoms.

Improved Mobility: Stiffness and reduced range of motion often follow auto accidents. Through targeted treatments, chiropractic care helps restore flexibility and mobility, ensuring you can return to your daily activities without hindrance.

Non-Invasive Treatment: Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, holistic approach, focusing on the body’s natural ability to heal. While traditional medical treatments might center on symptom relief, chiropractic care seeks to address the root cause of pain and discomfort, often without the need for surgery or medication.

Accelerated Healing: Chiropractic treatments enhance blood flow and reduce inflammation, promoting faster tissue healing. This not only aids in a swifter recovery but also minimizes the chances of future complications or chronic conditions.

Stress Reduction: The trauma of an accident doesn’t just affect the body; it can also impact mental well-being. Regular chiropractic sessions can alleviate tension, reduce stress, and promote a sense of overall relaxation and well-being.

Common Injuries Addressed at Hanson Chiropractic & Massage

It’s essential to understand that not all car accident injuries are immediately visible. Some, like micro-tears in the ligaments or subluxations in the spine, can go unnoticed initially. Our thorough assessment ensures that even the minutest injuries are identified and addressed.

Whiplash: Perhaps the most well-known injury resulting from car accidents, whiplash occurs when the head and neck are jerked suddenly and forcefully. This rapid motion can strain muscles and ligaments in the neck, leading to stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion.

Back Injuries: The impact of a collision can severely affect the spine. From muscle sprains and strains to more severe injuries like herniated discs, we offer targeted treatments to alleviate pain and restore spinal health.

Herniated Discs: A disc herniation can compress nearby nerves, resulting in pain, numbness, and weakness. With our specialized chiropractic adjustments, we aim to realign the spine, alleviating pressure and promoting healing.

Shoulder and Neck Strains: The jolt from a car accident can cause strain to the muscles and ligaments in the neck and shoulder region. We provide therapies that target these areas, reducing inflammation and pain.

Soft Tissue Injuries: Bruises, contusions, and muscle strains are common soft tissue injuries post-accident. Through massage therapy combined with chiropractic care, we enhance blood flow, reduce swelling, and speed up the healing process.

Joint Dislocations: High-impact collisions can lead to joints, especially in the shoulder or wrist, being forced out of their natural positions. Our holistic approach ensures these joints are properly aligned, restoring functionality and minimizing pain.

Chronic Pain Development: Without proper care, injuries from a car accident can lead to chronic pain over time. At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we place an emphasis on early intervention, aiming to prevent the onset of long-term complications.

Our Car Accident Chiropractor Approach at Hanson Chiropractic & Massage

Recovering from an auto injury requires a delicate, tailored approach that addresses not just the apparent symptoms but also the underlying issues. At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we’ve cultivated a thorough, patient-first strategy to ensure optimal healing.

A car accident chiropractor doesn’t just adjust and align; we partner with you on a collaborative healing journey. With our guidance, patients learn about their injuries, the recovery process, and preventive measures to minimize future issues.

Here’s a glimpse into our methodology:

Initial Assessment and Consultation: Every treatment journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. Dr. Mike Hanson will conduct a detailed evaluation, reviewing medical history, current symptoms, and any diagnostic tests or images. This initial consultation provides a clear picture of the injury’s extent and the best course of action.

Customized Treatment Plans: Recognizing that no two injuries are alike, our team devises a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This plan integrates chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other modalities as necessary, ensuring a holistic approach to healing.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Utilizing precise techniques, Dr. Hanson will perform chiropractic adjustments to address misalignments in the spine or other affected areas. These adjustments alleviate nerve pressure, promote better blood flow, and facilitate natural healing.

Massage Therapy: Complementing chiropractic care, our skilled massage therapists target muscle tension, knots, and strains. This dual approach ensures soft tissue healing, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall relaxation.

Rehabilitation Exercises: As part of our holistic approach, patients are often guided through specific rehabilitation exercises. These exercises strengthen weakened muscles, improve flexibility, and ensure long-term recovery.

Continuous Monitoring: Healing is a journey, and throughout your treatment, we monitor progress meticulously. Adjustments to the treatment plan are made as needed to guarantee that you’re on the fastest, most effective path to recovery.

Education and Guidance: At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we believe that patient empowerment is key. Our team takes the time to educate you about your injuries, the healing process, and ways to prevent future issues. We provide resources, tips, and exercises to integrate into your daily life for sustained well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident


Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be filled with uncertainties, especially when it comes to your health. At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, we’re here to answer your questions and provide clarity. Here are some commonly asked questions by our patients:

What should I expect on my first visit?

During your first visit, Dr. Mike Hanson will conduct a thorough assessment, which may include a review of your medical history, a physical examination, and possibly diagnostic tests. This helps us understand the extent of your injuries and the best way forward.

How many sessions will I need for my injury?

The number of sessions varies based on the severity of the injury, your body’s response to treatment, and your individual recovery goals. After your initial assessment, we will provide a tentative treatment plan detailing the frequency and duration of visits.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care after a car accident?

Many insurance policies do cover chiropractic care following an auto accident. However, it’s essential to check with your insurance provider or let our administrative team assist you in understanding your coverage and benefits.

What if I don’t feel pain immediately after the accident?

It’s not uncommon for pain or other symptoms to manifest days or even weeks after an accident due to adrenaline and other factors. Regardless of immediate pain, it’s always recommended to get a chiropractic evaluation after a car accident to identify and address any potential issues early on.

How does chiropractic care differ from traditional medical treatments post-accident?

Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, holistic approach, focusing on the body’s natural ability to heal. While traditional medical treatments might center on symptom relief, chiropractic care seeks to address the root cause of pain and discomfort, often without the need for surgery or medication.

Can I combine chiropractic care with other treatments?

Absolutely. Many patients find a combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other medical treatments to be beneficial. Dr. Hanson will work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

Car accidents can lead to a myriad of complications, from pinched nerves to muscle spasms. Our comprehensive care ensures that every aspect, from pain relief to restoring full mobility, is addressed.

Remember, every individual’s situation and recovery journey is unique. If you have more questions or need further clarification on any topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Hanson Chiropractic & Massage, your health, comfort, and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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